Food Service Assistant

Responsible for total food preparation of Hospital meal requirements including hot food, cold food, pantryand baking needs. Responsible for all food production in the manner of the highest tradition of culinary artsand accepted dietetic standards.

Essential Responsibilities and Duties
Responsible for standardization of all processes and recipes.
Keeps daily record of items prepared and requisitioned by designated areas and complies with all menu items.
Assigns personnel to specific kitchen areas to maintain proper sanitation of all food production and storage areas and reviews the daily performance of employees’ production, service and
sanitation with the Assistant Head.
Prepares and reviews in advance daily production worksheet with Cooks and Cold Food Preparers.
Recommends to Assistant Head and Department Head methods to improve cost effectiveness.
Plans Employee Cafeteria, Family Dining Room, VIP Section and Special Function menus for all Food Service areas.
Controls procurement of all raw to finished food items. Orders frozen food and fresh produce items daily from Food Service freezer by use of internal requisitions.
Holds foods according to pre-determined standards (HACCP).
Checks daily production sheets for all hot food requirements for regular and modified diets and ensures availability for patient Room Service, Employee Cafeteria, Family Dining Room and VIP Services.


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