TAV Construction Bound to bahrain

Employer: TAV Construction
Bound to: Bahrain
Industry: Construction, Engineering, Airport
Position/s :
BIM Modeler
BIM Architect
For BIM Architect:
– Must be a graduate of B.S. Architecture
– Must be proficient in AutoCAD (Expert), Revit Architecture (Expert), Navsiworks Manage (preferred but not required).

For BIM Modeler:
-Must be High school, vocational or college degree.
– Must be proficient in AutoCAD (Expert), Revit (Expert), Navsiworks Manage (preferred but not required)
-For Male applicants only
-Minimum of 8 years experience or at least with 5 solid experience in BIM.
-Must be willing to work in Bahrain
-Single or Married
Interested applicants may send their Updated CV with job duties and responsibilities in

2rreyes@rrjm.com and mmreyes@rrjm.com




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