Venue Executive

As part of the Venues team and reporting to the Venue Senior Manager, the position of Venue Executive will support the establishment, day-to-day and event operations of the Water Sports Centre. Working closely with stakeholders, partners and the community at large, the successful candidate will work closely with management to deliver the operations of the facility on both a day-to-day and an event mode basis for the benefit of the public of Singapore, elite athletes and visiting guests.


General Roles & Responsibilities
Support the production of Concept of Operations for the Water Sports Centre, through research, partner coordination, and administration.
Carry out various meeting administration procedures including organising meetings, preparing agendas, taking minutes, and coordinating attendance.
Under guidance from your manager, support the creation of an SSH policy and procedure manual.
Lead a team of casual staff on day-to-day operations.
Communicate closely with internal and external partners to ensure all needs have been considered when developing venue operations plans.
Co-ordinate and supervise day to day frontline staff as required.
To be a point of contact for clients, tenants, promoters and other stakeholders, always available to attend to their needs. Work as a designated
representative of management when required.
Take responsibility for control of uniforms, equipment, or other facilities within the venue.
Have an excellent knowledge of the venue and provide site information to clients, customers and staff as needed.
Monitor venue performance and operations, produce reports as required by management or clients.
Complete operations administration functions as needed.
Prepare documentation and information for staff, management, promoters and clients to enable them to effectively service all client groups entering the
Support the delivery of the Events department and other partners during event days.
Support and deliver community sports and leisure programs and facilities.
Ensure that health and safety policies and regulations are adhered to and reflected positively through your actions and those of your colleagues.



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