Project Coordinator

Role Overview
Develops&implements the project-level safety management program;performs&supervises work in the safety/health field on a small to medium-sized project which requires knowledge of& demonstrated ability in safety engineering concepts.Provides technical oversight of the project?s safety/health compliance activities through identification&integration of applicable requirements into project designs,subcontract bid specifications,construction plans&schedules and other field execution activities.Provides assistance to project & construction mgt in implementing&complying with project safety reqts & in addressing safety/health issues as they arise during project execution.Coordinates with&provides technical assistance to other project-assigned functional lead (e.g. engineering,construction,subcontracts,procurement,project controls,document controls) related to compliance with project-specific safety/health reqts.
Participates in meetings with customers,project team members&contractors/subcontractors to advise them of safety reqts that may affect project design,schedule&cost.Maintains contact with customer safety/health reps to exchange information on project safety mgt issues,regulatory interpretations & to support ongoing project safety/health efforts.Provides technical support&assistance directly to construction supervision&subcontractors in planning & executing field activities in line with project safety reqts.

Drafts comprehensive project ES&H plan, safety&health specific plans,project specific mitigation plans,safety&health awareness training programs,and technical®ulatory reports.Conducts safety assessments/inspections of project construction activities to monitor compliance with safety/health reqts including contractual commitments,laws®ulations, and the project?s ES&H plan.
Coordinates with the global business unit-assigned Safety Services Mgr regarding significant project safety/health issues & safety support needs.Maintains contact with government regulatory & resource agencies to obtain current info on new regulations,program initiatives,and technical requirements&standards.Maintains contact with other safety/health personnel to solicit assistance&to keep them informed of changing reqts.
Implements personnel policies(e.g., conducts employee performance evaluations)&provides technical direction to staff.
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