Sales Promoter & Marketing

Attract new customers and play a fundamental role in achieving the company’s customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives.
1. Demonstrate and provide information on promoted products
2. Create a positive image and lead consumers to use it
3. Distribute product samples to source new sales opportunities
4. Set up booths or promotional stands and stock products
5. Report on demonstration related information (interest level, questions asked, number of samples/flyers distributed etc)
6. Being 30 min (1 hour whenever applicable) before the sampling time
7. Insure all the necessary documents (labor card, health card, Municipality permission) are in order & present with you
8. Check the shelves of the products & inform a merchandiser on replenishment
9. Identify with a section manager or supervisor of the stand location
10. Ensure to have all necessary materials (garbage bin, plastic bag, hair net, gloves, tissue & etc) before the sampling
11. Arrange the product on the table top as per agreement with the marketing team
12. Following promotional protocol provided by the marketing team
13. Make sure the sampling leads to a potential sale

14. POS material related to promotional activity consider full responsibility of the promoter
15. During promotion activity when faced with particular SKU running out of stock faster than replenishment available, the promoter should inform supervisor & merchandiser (analyze available stock & agree on a strategy with a supervisor)
16. Report weekly on customer’s feedback to Trade Marketing Supervisor
17. Report the outlet related issue (FOC stock) to a Supervisor Merchandiser
1. English/Arabic Speaker
2. Proven working experience as a Promoter
3. Ability to understand customer needs and handle different types of personalities
4. Pleasing personality and energetic as per the role needed
5. Good Communication Skills
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: AED5,000.00 to AED6,000.00 /month
Job Location:
Required education:
Required experience:
SALES FMCG: 1 year
Source: indeed

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