Waitress – MYBC Dubai

AED2,500 a month
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Attend briefings on time and abide by the same.
Posses all the service friends- cigarette lighter, drinks opener, docket book.
2. Be responsible for ensuring the mise en place is ready for services i.e. cutlery, crockery glassware, condiments, etc. and re-stock serving stations
3. Be responsible for keeping the outlet’s operation cost low by minimizing breakages and wastages.
4. Receive and seat guests in a courteous manner, ensuring an amiable personality at all times.

5. Ensure that the guest is presented with the correct order and all Food and Beverage items and their accompaniments are delivered as requested.
6. Up sell slow moving items while taking orders to help maximize the outlet’s revenue.
7. Clear the tables and re-lay tables as and when required promptly and efficiently.
8. Ensure the Tray /Trolley set-ups are followed by the S.O.P..
9. Present and cash the guest bills.
10. Have a sound knowledge of the menu and beverage list and assist the gusts in explaining the items listed on the food or beverage menu(s).
11. Report any guest complaints immediately to the Superior.
Salary: AED2,500.00 /month
Required experience:
Waitress: 2 years
Source: indeed

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