F&B Staff – Aloft Hotels

At Aloft Hotels we’re wired for next generation travelers who love open spaces, open thinking, and open expression.
Aloft provides a space where style is necessary, social scenes are vibrant, and where the only direction is forward. Our guests are tech savvy and confidently social, with an eclectic style they’re not afraid to show.
We understand what our guests need, so we provide an affordable option for the tech-savvy design guru. We’re looking for innovative self-expressers who aren’t afraid to draw outside the lines.

If you are someone who appreciates tech-forward features and vibrant social scenes, then we invite you to explore a career with Aloft Hotels.
We have cool shoes to fill!
And to fill them we are looking for talented people with a passion for hospitality. This exciting role of Food and Beverage Server will be responsible for looking after our guests across all areas of F&B. This generalist role requires knowledge of F&B operations and Micros.
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