Cashier – Irish Pub

Job Description:
Count the money at the beginning of the shift to ensure that amount are correct and that there is adequate change
Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas
Processing credit card and debit card transaction
Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas
Collect & arrange all checks outlet and tally with micros
Make sure to keep correct cash float with change money at all time
Credit card bills checked with the report and batch transmission
Check all paid outs/ refunds for supporting/ authorization
Check the city ledger with the report and supporting
Verify Misc. income posting

Check Comp Bills, Officers check for consumption from various outlets
Manual breakdown of any F&B , Misc & the Functions
Periodical Float check for outlets
Lost Interface Charges are scrutinized and transferred relevant folios
Ensure that open check are scrutinized before night audit
Ensure that batch is transmitted of all outlets before night audit
Daily F&B Report, Micros Report
Knowledge of all equipment used and safety procedures. Do the tally all the transactions in the credit cards, discount and the cash at the end of the shift
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