Service Crew – Cold’s stone creamery

Service Crew-Coldstone  (1700006Z)
The position is responsible for generating sales and deliver customer service at its best.
Support the other operational duties such as housekeeping, visual presentation standards, etc. as assigned by the Store Management Team.
Key Responsibilities
Hospitality and Guest Service
Provides important visual cues for guests that make a positive first impression E.g. wearing proper career wear that is clean and neatly pressed, maintaining a clean parking lot/exterior and a clean and inviting dining room.
Follows the guaranteed Always Fresh procedure to ensure coffee and products are always fresh and always accurate.
Delivers consistent and outstanding guest service through friendly attitude, attentive behavior and strong product knowledge.
Enhances the guest experience by following the S.E.T. Principles: Smile, Eye Contact, Thank You.
Uses proper procedures to ensure the accuracy of every order for every guest.
Ensures every guest receives a prompt and warm greeting within 5 seconds at front counter and drive-thru.
Maintains speed of service targets by working efficiently with a sense of urgency to fill orders and meet guests’ needs.
Promptly executes service recovery for any guest concerns or complaints by making it right with the guest, regardless of involvement in the issue.\
Listens carefully to guests and apologizes for the experience in the case of a complaint.

Store Operations
Follows all Operations standards and guidelines for preparation of products according to training and instructional materials provided.
Prepares all products as required, following the order monitor to ensure the accuracy of every order.
Communicates showcase and product needs to ensure proper product availability for guests.
Regularly takes temperatures of the required products and records in the Time & Temperature Log.
Policies and Procedures
Participates in and attends all store meetings and other related functions.
Follows all restaurant policies, procedures and standards.
Maintains the front counter by keeping it clean, organized, stocked and ready for rush periods in the restaurant.
Follows proper hand washing techniques and all sanitation guidelines; completes all sanitation tasks as outlined by the Store Manager.

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