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he hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing and most challenging industries in the world. With a huge range of roles from servers and chefs to housekeepers and concierges. Professionals who can do these jobs well and remain committed to customer satisfaction are out there but how do you attract them?
How should you encourage them to apply for your job? A well-written hospitality job description is the first step.
Tailor the job description templates in this section to provide the following:
A clear, demonstrable understanding of the skill-set your job needs
A checklist of the responsibilities and requirements of the job
An opportunity to inform candidates that you’re willing to invest in talent

1- Chief engineer(Ref CE03)
2- Assistant Chief engineer.(Ref ACE03)
3-Assistant front office manager.(Ref AFOM 02)
4-Reservation manager.(Ref RESM 02)
5-Executive chef.(Ref EC 02)
6-Assistant personnel manager.(Ref APM 02)
7-HR supervisor.(Ref HRSV 02)
8-HR Senior supervisor.(Ref HRSSV 02)
7-Chief gardener.(Ref CG 01)
8-Executive House keeper.(Ref EHK 01)
9- Assistant executive house keeper.(Ref AEH 02)
10- Assistant House keeping manager.(Ref AHKM 01)
11-Recreation Manager.(Ref RECM 02)
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