Hotel Staff

What job titles can you expect to see in hospitality industry job postings?
The hospitality industry has a wide range of positions available.
Many of these involve serving as support staff, dealing with customers face-to-face in a variety of ways.
But there are also administrative jobs that include positions in sales, marketing, and accounting.
Food services jobs also abound in the hospitality industry – jobs include wait staff, food preparation, and chef.
Finally, there are many management-level jobs across these areas, including hotel manager, executive chef, and more.
Thus, jobs in the hospitality industry can involve lots of customer interaction, or be very behind-the-scenes.
The hospitality industry has many entry-level jobs, but you can also enter at a managerial level or climb the ladder from desk clerk to hotel manager or dishwasher to executive chef. Once you have experience within the hospitality industry,

Positions Needed
– Head Chef
– Sous Chef
– Chef de Partie
– Sales Lady
– Maintenance
– Banquet Manager (Arab)
– Accountant (Arab)
– Waiter/Waitress
– Hygiene Staff
– Personal Assistant
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