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Looking for an office girl
Shan consult commercial – Dubai
Disseminating details through phone, fax and e-mail.
Organizing and keeping files and handling projects.
Answering and forwarding phone call, and taking messages.
Providing details to phone callers, and office visitors
Monitoring the use of devices and supplies within the workplace.
Dealing with inquiries or needs from the visitors and workers.

Coordinating the maintenance and repair of devices for the workplace.
Assisting management personnel in wide variety of workplace responsibilities.
Collecting and distributing couriers or packages among workers and starting and searching messages.
Delivering facsimiles and sending them, and doing any related search projects.
Updating consultation schedules, creating travel deals, doing word handling, basic accounting, and handling.
Training new personnel regarding the workplace office responsibilities, when needed.
Helping the associate, staff, or other management staff in doing their responsibilities.
Training other co-workers in workplace to perform work well by utilizing computer applications and sustain efficiency of the workplace methods and procedures.
Cooperating with workplace personnel to maintain proper connectios and a friendly environment within the office.
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