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The food runner is a crucial restaurant position whose responsibility is communicating with guests and supporting both servers and kitchen staff.
Often underestimated, a food runner can make up for a server’s shortfalls and make the difference between a great experience and a poor one in the food service industry.
You may be wondering, “What is a food runner?” Of all “food jobs” the food runner’s duties vary the most; they include getting food to the proper table at the right time, clearing dirty plates and silverware, responding to other guest needs, and any number of other tasks.
A simple food runner description is: the employee who performs all the small tasks necessary to provide a high quality customer experience
“The Food Runner Position in the Restaurant” includes four modules focused on different aspects of the food runner responsibilities, including interacting with guests, handling angry or dissatisfied customers, collaborating with kitchen staff, and how to presenting food professionally.

Online hospitality training courses also offer a cost-effective way to ensure your food staff are providing high quality service.
In fact learning the finer points of hospitality online significantly cuts down on the costs and time requirements of traditional training.
Unlike in-person courses, employees can take online courses on their own schedule, enabling them to take courses when they have downtime or breaks, and minimizing disruption in service to your customers.
You can invest in the future of your restaurant by creating an effective online training program for your staff today and teach your new employees how to be a good food runner.
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