Taxi Driver in Sharjah – Indian & Pakistani (UAE License)

Your job involves:
Picking up and delivering customers
Taking the fastest and safest route
Helping to load and unload the vehicle
Calculating the right fare and returning the correct change
Keeping your vehicle clean and in good working order (no one wants to get into a broken, untidy taxi)

The finer details…
There are two different kinds of taxi you need to know about: the licensed Hackney cab and licensed private hire cab. Hackney cabs (black cabs) can be hailed from the street whereas licensed private hire cabs (mini cabs) are pre-booked by customers and aren’t allowed to pick up customers at random. Taxi drivers are normally self-employed and either own their own vehicle or hire it from the operating firm.
Taxi companies operate on a 24-hour basis and most drivers work in shifts. Friday and Saturday evenings are usually the busiest time for taxi drivers and to earn good money you’ll need to be out driving in the early hours (warning: expect more tipsy chatty customers during these shifts).
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