Office Staff

Communication: Office clerks might receive incoming calls or other information that needs to get to the right people.
They work closely with many people in the office and must speak clearly and have good people skills
Computer Skills:
Office managers will have to work with computers to create word processing documents, spreadsheets, input data and many other projects.
Customer Service:
Office clerks will have to speak with people outside the company, including potential clients.
Attention to Detail:
When performing data processing or writing letters or other documents, office managers need to keep their work free of mistakes.
Organizational Skills: Office clerks have many different jobs at once.
Keeping them organized and straight is important.

Proven experience as an back office assistant, office assistant, virtual assistant or in another relevant administrative role
Knowledge of “back-office” computer systems (ERP software)
Working knowledge of office equipment
Thorough understanding of office management procedures
Excellent organizational and time management skills
Analytical abilities and aptitude in problem-solving
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
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