Time keeper

Time Keeper
An Engineering and Contracting company is looking for an experienced Time Keeper.
The desired Candidate must have minimum 3-4 years of UAE experience.
Job Description:
1) Compiles employees’ time and production records, using calculator or computer: Reviews timesheets, workcharts, and timecards for completeness.
2) Computes total time worked by employees, using calculator or computer, posts time worked to master timesheet, and routes timesheet to payroll department.
3) May pay employees.

4) May calculate time worked and units produced by piece-work or bonus work employees, using calculator or computer, and be designated Time Checker or Work Checker.
5) May locate workers on jobs at various times to verify attendance of workers listed on daily spot sheet and be designated Spotter.
6) May interview employees to discuss hours worked and pay adjustments to be made and be designated Pay Agent.
Time Compilation
An employer must establish a timekeeping system to track nonexempt, or hourly, employees’ time.
The system may require that employees manually complete weekly time sheets, punch a standard punch clock with time cards, or use an automated system via swipe badges or finger or palm prints. Regardless of the type of system, the timekeeper compiles each employee’s time worked in the pay period so that it can be paid on the upcoming payroll.
Timekeeping hours may apply mainly to hourly employees; however, if the company requires that salaried employees record their time worked, the timekeeper compiles this data, as well. She also performs record-keeping duties to comply with federal and state timekeeping laws.
Source: gulfvisit
CV to: recruit@jazalec.com

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