Al futtaim Careers

Al futtaim Careers

Al-Futtaim’s family business traces its origins back to the 1930s on the banks of the Dubai Creek, a trailblazer for innovative trading concepts designed to enrich lifestyles
Today, Al-Futtaim is present in 29 countries, represents over 200 companies spanning the automotive, finance, retail, and real estate industries, and we are now 42,000 people strong.
Currently spanning the automotive, finance, retail, and real estate industries, Al-Futtaim’s diverse and far-reaching portfolio of brands and companies are ever-present in people’s lives, from the shores of Singapore to the sands of the UAE. We strive to make a difference, to have a meaningful impact, and simply to help people to live better.
We are a group of forward-thinking pioneers with vision and drive and our teams are constantly looking for ways to be better today than we were yesterday. At the heart of our company, still, are our Values and a respect for our roots. As a global conglomerate, we never forget where we came from.

The working day at Al-Futtaim is never the same two days in a row. We are constantly evolving as we grow in size and global coverage, and as we adapt to people’s needs for the future.
Live well. Work better. Be the best.
With such a broad range of industries, companies, positions, and locations, there are numerous ways to join Al-Futtaim and make a difference.
We welcome people of different skills and academic backgrounds, and believe that everyone has something to offer.
A career at Al-Futtaim is guaranteed to always be exciting and challenging.
We are constantly starting and finishing projects, and mapping out our next location and endeavour.
Just as our business evolves, we understand that your skills and career goals will do the same.
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