Fruit Packing Jobs

Raid ranch work in Australia for tough Poms
Finding farm work jobs abroad can be tough when you head out alone on an Australian Working Holiday visa. offers a paid work programme that opens the door to outdoor jobs all over rural Australia. Starting with a fantastic 5-day farm training course that will familiarise you with skills needed to work on farms, cattle stations and equine studs. You will get to grips with safely operating tractors, riding horses, using chainsaws, driving dirt bikes, working with cattle and constructing fences.

The training farm is certainly a highlight of the programme and an experience that you will remember for years to come. It combines learning new skills with lots of fun. With almost 2000 employers across Australia on the job-finding database, your first job is guaranteed. You will receive plenty of support and advice during your training week to help ensure you choose a job that will suit your desires and abilities. Help is also provided if you decide to look for a subsequent job later on.

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