Pepsi Factory Workers – Canada

There are many resources you can use to get information and support when searching for a job in Canada:
Job Bank is the Government of Canada’s leading source for jobs and labour market information. The website offers free occupational and career information (about jobs, educational requirements, main duties, wages, employment trends and much more) for occupations available in Canada.
Service Canada has important information about searching and applying for jobs.
Your province’s or territory’s website for newcomers is another good source of employment information.
Search and apply for jobs
Search for jobs

There are many ways to look for jobs. Some ways are:
Research companies where you want to work. They will often post jobs on their websites. You can also contact employers directly to ask if they are hiring.
Attend a “job fair” in your city or town. A job fair lets employers and people looking for jobs meet and discuss jobs.
Use job search websites and look at the classified section of newspapers to find out where and who is hiring. Up to 2,000 new jobs are posted every day on Job Bank.

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