Housekeeping Attendant – Accor Hotels

Key tasks
– He/She is responsible in cleaning and servicing the allocated number of guest and other room assignment.
– To report to exec-housekeeper with proper uniforms for daily briefs instruction.
– Responsible to collect floor keys ( to be returned after furnished the duty )
– Responsible to collect room’s assignment to floor supervisor or to Exec-Housekeeper.
– Responsible to the orderly setup of linens, towels as well as the stationery supplies and cleaning chemicals to their respective trolley.
– To ensure the checked out rooms to be given priority prior to the arrival of the incoming guest.
– To ensure all rooms areas, corridors and pantries as well as the service pantry toilet are keeps clean and tidy at all time.
– Responsible to collect cleaning materials and guest supplies in housekeeping store.
– Responsible to check room assigned either vacant or occupied especially the occupied DND rooms.

– To ensure the VIP rooms was given special treatment prior to the arrival of the guest.
– Is prepared to implement assigned tasks during emergencies such as fire and bomb threats.
– Responsible for cleaning and polishing shoes as requested by guests.
– Removes room service trays or trolleys from guest’s rooms.
– Responsible to separate any torn linen encountered and bring down to the linen room at the end of the shift.
Source: Gulf talent

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