Customer Service – Fly Dubai

Key Activities
– Regardless of the communication channel, efficiently service customers providing accurate and timely responses. Understand, interpret and resolve issues quickly and decisively.
– Be capable of knowing when you can handle a situation and when you should escalate them to the Customer Service Supervisor.
– You’ll need to own the customer’s issue until the time it is resolved. This means you must pursue customer problems with internal and external stakeholders, as if they were your own.
– Our customer’s time is valuable – your actions must be quick, efficient and accurate.
– Keep records of customer interactions and transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, and comments, as well as actions taken.

– Ensure all key performance indicators for customer satisfaction are achieved, including agreed service levels, quality standards and productivity.
– Listen to flydubai’s customers and provide timely feedback your line manager on customer trends, issues and needs.
– Maintain customer confidentiality at all times and to build a professional rapport with customers by carefully listening and responding to customer needs.
Source: Gulf Talent

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